Simulation tools for evaluating next generation networks

Network digital twins and simulation offer efficient means for getting through learning curves faster, analyzing different what-if scenarios and finding optimal configuration settings.

Time Critical Networks AB (TCN) develops TCN Time Analysis™ for digital twin modelling and simulation of primarily automotive electrical architectures and networks that incorporate Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), the new IEEE standards for making traditional Ethernet networks more deterministic and robust with regards to time-sensitive data streams.

Early users of the tool are found within the automotive industry, using the software for designing the upcoming autonomous driving communication systems, in-vehicle as well as outside the vehicle (V2V/V2X).

Benefits of using TCN Time Analysis™ include:

  • Maximize performance at minimum cost - Quickly examine trade-offs in a large design space
  • Gain insights - Understand how the traffic behaves under different network configurations and usage scenarios, e.g. in an Ethernet backbone with AVB or TSN functionality
  • Ensure Ethernet can be used - Identify best, worst- and average case latency for individual data flows forwarded and ensure no loss of packets.



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Jonas Lext, CEO, CTO & Founder

M.Sc. Engineering Physics
PhD Student (3 years)

Jonas brings with him over 12 years' experience in academic research in computer graphics and high performance computer architecture at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and at Computer software companies. Jonas's most recent success story was the founding of a startup company, Illuminate Labs, which did a successful exit to Autodesk during 2010.

Jörgen Olsson, Sales & Business Development

M.Sc. Engineering Physics

Jörgen brings with him over 25 years' experience in Ericsson in various positions, both technically and commercially, in areas such as system integration, embedded systems and network management.