8 August 2021

TCN TimeAnalysis™ 1.7 has been released.


27 June 2021

TCN TimeAnalysis™ 1.6 has been released.


22 May 2021

TCN TimeAnalysis™ 1.5 has been released.


26 March 2021

TCN TimeAnalysis™ 1.4 has been released.


9 March 2021

TCN TimeAnalysis™ 1.3 has been released.


14 December 2020

TCN TimeAnalysis™ 1.2 has been released.


3 November 2020

Time Critical Networks AB (TCN) is one of the partners in the newly launched AIDA research project funded by the Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen):

AIDA aims to enable novel trustworthy data-driven real-time industrial IoT applications by building a holistic AI-driven Networking and Processing framework.

Especially, TCN is involved in activities regarding Software Defined Networking (SDN) based Control Plane for TSNs, Robust Configuration for SDN based TSNs and Consistent Network Updates in SDN based TSNs.

For more information please visit the AIDA project website and AIDA at KAU.


8 September 2020

TCN TimeAnalysis™ 1.1 has been released.


30 January 2020

TCN TimeAnalysis™ 1.0 has been released.

After years of development, we have finally reached a stable version.


12 December 2018

Today the kick-off meeting of the Celtic-Next research project 5G PERFECTA was held. Time Critical Networks (TCN) is one member in the Swedish consortium of this project,
which also involves for example Ericsson, RISE and Lund University. On the European level, the project involves partners from Spain, Poland, Portugal and Turkey and has a total budget of 5868 K€.

The aim of 5G PERFECTA is to develop automated processes, tools and mechanisms ensuring 5G service quality, based on data processing and analytics approaches.


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