Design networks with latency and real-time requirements in mind


TCN is a high-tech Swedish startup originated from Chalmers Ventures – the leading incubator in Scandinavia, top ten globally


1-2 November 2017

Experience TCN in San José (newsletter), at 2017 IEEE Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day where we present our latest software.

6 September 2017

With TCN’s newest software TCN TimeAnalysisTM the user can (re-)design its in-vehicle network to meet the demanding requirements from Autonomous Driving. The requirements are essential to meet when combining critical video traffic (e.g. cameras) together with control data loops (e.g. ABS sensors).

3 July 2017

TCN has released Beta 06 version of the TCN Ethernet Simulator™. Visit the Beta page to download.

9-10 May 2017

TCN is visiting Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services at the Swedish fair in Gothenburg, and will be presenting during the Startups on Stage session in Track 1 of Tuesday's program.

5 May 2017

Want to know more about working at TCN? As a part of GBG Tech Week 2017 we will participate in a Startup Job Fair at Veras Gräsmatta hosted by Chalmers Ventures.

10-11 April 2017

Project conference in Pisa for the RETINA project, coordinating work and technical challenges as well as kicking off our advisory board!

28 February 2017

Just returned from a succesful visit to Silicon Valley and the REACH program. Visit our twitter account for a brief overview of our activities in the Bay Area.

6-22 February 2017

TCN returns to Silicon Valley and Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto, for next session in the REACH incubator. If you want to meet up for discussions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

5 January 2017

View TCN Newsletter #2

2 January 2017

TCN has released the Beta 05 version of the TCN Ethernet Simulator™. Free Beta trial for download.

1 December 2016

With its international ambitions and potential, Time Critical Networks has been selected by Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto, CA to join the accelator program REACH. This on-the-job training program runs over six calendar months with two 14-days acceleration visits to Silicon Valley, structured around top mentor sessions, potential customer, partner or investor meetings, workshops and business events.

3-14 October 2016

Meet TCN in Silicon Valley, based out of the Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto, CA.

20-21 September 2016

Meet TCN at 2016 IEEE Ethernet & Ip Automotive Technology Day in Paris.

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