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Details of previous event held 16th of May 2018 at Lindholmen

You're invited to our Automotive Ethernet Basics Seminar in Gothenburg!

Join us for a comprehensive training program led by specialists of Spirent, Technica Engineering and Time Critical Networks on basics of the Ethernet and IP protocols, efficient testing of Ethernet devices (ECUs) in the car, as well as best practises going from concept to virtual design to physical realization.

The seminar focuses on Layer 2-7 of the OSI model and on devices used in an Ethernet network, with special attention to Open Alliance TC8 test specifications and ways of simplifying the testing.

Topics covered

  • Ethernet Layer 2 and above
    • Automotive Ethernet Protocols
    • Conformance testing
  • Ethernet Networking
    • Bridging/Switching
    • Performance testing
  • OPEN Alliance TC8 Test Specifications
  • Testing Methodologies
    • Test Scope Layer 2 of Automotive Ethernet
    • Test Scope TCP/IP Protocol Family
    • Test Scope Automotive Protocols


Thomas Schulze (Director Business Development – Spirent)
Erick Parra (Business Development Manager – Technica Engineering)
Patrik Thunström (Chief Architect – Time Critical Networks)

Who should attend: Engineers and technicians involved, or soon to be involved, in Automotive Ethernet R&D as well as test and validation
What attendees learn: Practical understanding of Ethernet in the car and efficient testing methodologies

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