Hey – time to move on?!

You ...

  • ... Live and breathe programming (if a programmer)

  • ... Passionate of what can be achieved with good programs

  • ... Want to work in a small company where you can make a difference

  • ... Want to work with innovation

  • ... Want to develop software tools based on highly advanced algorithms

  • ... Want to be a partner in a start-up company

  • ... Want to work globally, from Gothenburg, or wherever

  • ... Want to change the world

  • ... Want to understand 5G and SDN

  • ... Want to understand the infrastructure required to enable vehicles to drive themselves

  • ... Offer the world really reliable data networks with regards to delay & packet delivered

  • ... Offer key technology in the network orchestration for remotely controlled applications such as interactive haptic control and video communication, all in real time.

We ...

  • ... Passionate about what digitalization enables

  • ... Small company - 6 people now

  • ... Start-up, been around for a while, founded in 2008 together with Chalmers Ventures – the leading incubator in Scandinavia, top ten globally

  • ... Involved in incredibly exciting projects - see under TCN Lab @ homepage

  • ... Going global, just releasing Beta products

  • ... Work closely with world-leading researchers

  • ... Passionate about building products that change the world

  • ... Today in Automotive and Telecom, who knows about tomorrow …


If you see yourself to be part of TCN send your questions and/or your application containing a cover letter, updated CV and attachments This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..