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Open Beta (soon to end...)

We're reaching the final stretch of the free Beta Trial of TCN TimeAnalysis™

The first Beta version was released in December 2015 as TCN Ethernet SimulatorTM. The latest version (Beta 06) was released July 2017, with the following major new features and fixes:

  • Jitter charts has been added to analyse if variations in latency is trending or just very sporadic
  • Bugfix for the dropped frames pie chart not being displayed in the port memory utilization chart
  • Fixed checking for duplicate VLAN IDs

Actively being developed; New features will be added.  

The software is soon transitioning to paid licenses only.


Once version 1.0 is released, the following license types will be available

License level Microlab Lite Pro
Perpetual license Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Subscription No Yes Yes
Capability Limits 1 Switch
3 ECUs
1 Bus
0 Sensors
2 Switches
5 ECUs
2 Buses
2 Sensors
No restrictions
QoS & Traffic Shaping Strict Priority Strict Priority
Strict Priority

Installation info and requirements

The application is built for 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows for x86 architecture (also known as x86-64 or x64).

As long as that is fulfilled all dependencies is included in the installation package.

For full installation instructions please visit our Technical Documentation page on that topic.

Getting a download link

Getting access to download beta version

During our transition to the new licensing beta version downloads can be provided by contacting us using the details listed on the contact page to get a download link.