Maximum Performance at Minumum Cost

TCN creates software that enables networks to adopt to applications' needs and requirements, not the other way around.

After years of exciting advanced technology research, Time Critical Networks (TCN) just released their first public Beta software. With this software the user can build robust data communication networks with latency and packet-delivery in mind. The users are today mainly within the automotive industry, using the software for creating the upcoming autonomous driving communication systems in-vehicle as well as outside the vehicle (V2V/V2X).

TCN’s main focus today is on Ethernet-based real-time systems but moving into the future areas of 5G and Software-defined Networking (SDN). TCN is defining the future of customer experience by providing TCN customers the possibility to deliver expectations on sensitive services - momentarily, and provide better (and fair) customer video experience.

The company was formed 2008 and is sprung from years of research. TCN has developed a technology enabling full determinism to standard Ethernet through latency, jitter and packet-delivery guarantees. For the first time the data communication market can enjoy all the benefits of standard Ethernet without compromising on data delivery reliability.

A short slide presentation is available at Slideshare: An  Elevator Pitch